Technical Document Management

Improving Collaboration

Put design at the centre of the solution!

The intensity and significance of Design Change Management requirements are most pronounced at the initial concept and outline design phase of a project.

Numerous iterations occur before designs can be viewed as final and complete. Large volumes of information will be created, expressed in drawings, e-mails, product and project information.

Typical characteristics of a Design Change Management software solution include:

  • Secure vaults
  • Search engine with powerful retrieval capabilities
  • CAD and associated reference file management
  • Versioning and revision history
  • Predefined automated workflow templates
  • Drawing & document metadata
  • Security, including controlled access
  • Audit history

Design Change Management puts design at the centre of the solution. This focus enables organisations to better manage all outgoing and incoming documents, drawings and data that define a design, change requests, project information and contractual information. Efficiencies are gained through the controlled and automated dissemination of design information to all parties, internal or external.


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Benefits of Technical document Management:

Saves time and increases output & efficiency

Reduces wasted hours searching, editing, circulating files

Improves decision making

Shortens discrete design cycles

Reduces errors and mitigates risk

Improves collaboration between parties

Ensures drawing, document & data file consistency across the organisation

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