Technical Support

Ensuring your technology enables you to stay productive

What will you get with a Support Agreement?

Before contacting Technical Support, please gather as much information and details about your question, query or issue as this will help us provide a timely response. If you have a technical question or query that you would like to log with our Technical Support Team, please use the following details:

0845 872 5566

Remote Assistance

Using desktop sharing software, our support engineers are able to view your problem in real-time. This technology is used in the majority of our support calls as it allows our expert to assess exactly what is on your screen and, with your permission, take control of your PC whilst explaining the solution. It's just as if we're sitting next to you.

Access Remote Support 

A small application will be downloaded to your computer. This application will be automatically removed at the end of the support session. By selecting "Start Support Session" and providing us with your Client ID code, you are consenting to allow us access to your computer system. It is your responsibility to ensure that allowing this access does not contravene any information security policy you may have in place.

Useful details to include:

  • Operating System incl. version and service packs
  • Software being used along with version and service packs installed
  • Hardware specifications incl. processor, memory, graphics card and driver version
  • Any error messages or warnings in full

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