Autodesk Vault

Securely store and manage engineering design data and related documents

Safely manage design data in one central location with Autodesk Vault

Too often, organisations encounter everyday problems that become so entrenched in their practices and processes that they simply assume this is the norm.

They adjust to slower timescales than they could achieve; they accept that data is a complex issue and tracking down the right information is a necessarily laborious procedure; they are accustomed to endless searches to find out who made the last change and where or not they are working with the up-to-date correct and latest version.

Common everyday problems:

  • Too much time searching for design data.
  • Good designs are unintentionally overwritten.
  • Existing product designs cannot be reused to shorten project times.
  • Enabling team-based design across multiple teams is impossible.
  • Design and manufacturing unable to easily share design data.
  • Processes for revision and release control are manual and error-prone.
  • Difficult to assess the impact of proposed changes across different product designs.
  • High-end product lifecycle management systems are too complicated and expensive

Autodesk® Vault® software securely stores and manages engineering design data and related documents, and serves as the pipeline between different workgroups in the Digital Prototyping workflow.

  • Workgroups maintain control over their digital models.
  • Centralisation prevents duplication, confusion, overwriting files.
  • Project leads grant access or control and enable tracked changes.

Speed up the design process with product data management (PDM)

  • Deploy PDM applications in days versus months.
  • Quickly find and re-use design and engineering data.
  • Access revision and lifecycle control tools within the design application.

Collaborate more, both internally and externally

  • Exchange your design data with engineers.
  • Share designs with customers, manufacturing suppliers and design contractors.
  • Connect workgroups across multiple sites in different locations.

Extend Vault's functionalities with SOVELIA Vault

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