Consumer Packaged Goods

So much opportunity, so little time

Reducing time to market for new products, and increasing productivity in R&D

The big question in Consumer Packaged Goods is how to reduce time to market for new product introductions, and increase productivity in R&D, whilst minimising costs and increasing margins.

Product obsolescence is a ruthless arbiter of success, while intense competition and market demand dramatically shorten the timeframe for exploiting market opportunities. Product innovation drives incremental revenues and expands market share. Increased consumer sophistication, fashion trends, and legislation combine to add pressure for increased product derivatives and/or early retirement.

The best-practice approach
Flexibility, collaborative working with customers and the supply chain, and agility to gain first-mover advantage separate the winners from the also-rans. Deploying a Design Change Management solution enables greater control in executing product design and development, shortening time to market.

The benefits you will gain from day one of implementation

Standardised project folder structures, automatically referenced and saved in the correct location, increasing your ability to handle multiple product developments without fear of overlap or error.

Controlled access permissions for viewing, editing or creation

Collaboration tools for distributing any file type to all parties in all projects

Quality audit tools.

How D2M3 enables you to meet the challenges
Our consultants will evaluate your existing workflows to pinpoint areas of improvement, increasing collaboration within a secure environment, reducing wastage and errors, and gaining maximum agility in product development and innovation.

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