Product Data Management

Speeding up time to value

Consolidate the competitive advantage

Robust management of product data was once an area of concern only for designers and engineers but now brings insight and benefits across the business, often extending into supply chain collaboration.

This wider applicability of the PDM discipline is an essential approach in a digital world; where access to timely information is expected to flow easily between parties who can contribute to project progress, and stakeholders whose role it is to monitor and manage it.

Easier information flow between manufacturing, project managers and sales and marketing, further improves speed to market and increases return on investment. Organisations are also integrating their customers through web interfaces delivering product information in a controlled and auditable manner; supporting closer business relationships and consolidating the competitive advantage.

D2M3’s PDM software solutions increase efficiencies in existing product development processes by improving the management of all product design data.

Standardised | Automated | Coordinated

Serving as the information backbone of a project, Product Data Management solutions incorporate data vaults and document management for storage and easy retrieval of product information. All users adopt a standard approach; through workflow and process management control procedures for handling product data.

Bills of material, product configurations, and associated versions and design variations are handled by product structure management, while parts management provides information on standard components and facilitates reuse of designs.

Programme management provides work break-down structures and allows coordination between product-related processes, resource scheduling, and project tracking


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Key benefits of our PDM solutions include:

Smarter processes driven by defined workflows

The correct document version is always worked on with no duplicate effort on the same document

Full audit functionality with track and traceability of all design changes

The correct parts are always manufactured. Reduction in unit costs achieved by reusing standard parts and products saving time and effort

Automated transmittals sent to key stakeholders accompanied by full audit history

Easier regulatory compliance through explicitly defined processes and procedures

Powerful search engines minimising time wasted searching for documents or losing them altogether

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