New Product Introduction

Get product innovations to market on time and on budget.

Define, develop, and launch a new or improved product

Avoid costly launch delays. New product introduction (NPI) tools help you get your latest product innovations to market on time and on budget.

Configurable NPI process workflow
Standard NPI workflows are provided, which can be easily configured to match an organisation’s exact process:

  • Graphical representations of processes are visible to anyone within the organisation for complete alignment
  • Monitoring status helps to quickly identify and resolve potential bottlenecks and avoid costly launch delays

Project management within a fully integrated PLM environment
The progress of an NPI project and its sub-tasks can be managed via a single graphical chart:

  • Progress of a sub-project or task is outlined via Gantt chart format with coloured status indicators
  • Quickly assess the performance of a project with an early indication of where delays are potentially occurring
  • Unlike standalone tools or spreadsheets, provides a real-time view, for all stakeholders, of NPI project progress

Task Management
Project activities can be broken down into individual tasks with details:

  • All owners and stakeholders have visibility at a granular level to fully understand what needs to be done
  • Real-time process workflows manage the progress of each task, helping to keep everyone on track

Task notifications and real-time ‘to-do’ list
Automated task assignment can immediately send notifications by email to stakeholders:

  • Instantly alerts when there is an activity to carry out, reducing the risk of delays
  • Tasks are outlined in a ‘to-do’ list, unique to the stakeholder
  • Other stakeholders can subscribe to notifications to become immediately aware when that task is complete

Real-time stage-gate milestone indicators
Projects, sub-projects, tasks and individual processes share status with milestone indicators.

  • Outlines when each stage of that activity is due, and whether that stage is on track
  • Completed tasks or projects are fully traceable, for evaluation and improving the effectiveness of future activities

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