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We design our solutions to be easy to use. Enthusiastic user adoption is important for any software solution to make sure it doesn’t become just an on-cost but is used and valued as an aid to efficiency and productivity.

The value of technology increases with the ‘comfort factor; people have to feel that their jobs become easier with software, not more complicated as they try to figure out how to use it.

The product information backbone: PLM from D2M3
D2M3’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software solutions integrate people, data, processes and business systems. It enables you to progress seamlessly through the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through engineering design and manufacture, to service and disposal of manufactured products. Product Lifecycle Management brings your business processes together with all project-related documentation to keep you in control at every stage.

Project Information Management (PIM)

Ensure the value of your information
With huge volumes of drawings, documents, and e-mails, with multiple versions associated with any project, it’s easy to get lost in the detail, buried by paperwork and caught up in trying to relate different reporting formats together to get a clear picture.

This is a process that can take time and money. Errors can also creep in when there is no central, unified view of the truth. Errors have a habit of multiplying too; with unwanted and costly commercial and/or contractual implications.

D2M3’s approach is to ensure that all information, from any phase of a project, can be easily accessed and assumes its value as a substantial asset.

Secure | Easily accessible | Controlled and managed
Formal Project Information Management solutions provide a secure environment for all project communication. This is the way to ensure no lost information, no wasted time, no hesitation, duplication, to misinterpretation; just swift, unencumbered access when needed, together with the continuous creation of a comprehensive audit trail.


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Key benefits of our PIM solutions include:

Easy searchability, Including drawing/document file metadata

Traceability, ensuring no lost files or inaccurate filing of documents and contracts

Version control, eliminating any doubt as to which version represents the final document or which was the pertinent revision relative to the specific enquiry

Full audit trail, clearly showing drawing/document changes and distribution history

Security and access controls, permitting authorised access only

Process controls, ensuring that users adhere to standard procedures when archiving project documentation

Business Process Management

Refine and improve your processes
Activities, procedures and work practices within an organisation flow more smoothly when one is joined to the other. When stages follow naturally, integration brings greater visibility, and every project participant understands the role of every other.

The overall outcome of an integrated approach to BPM is continuous improvement – as each project evolves – across productivity and responsiveness; reducing costs and condensing cycle times.

D2M3 can help you harness BPM capabilities within Design Change Management or Product Data Management systems to drive process automation and streamline your workflows to get the organisation working not just smarter, but faster too; no barriers to progress.

Paperless | Automated | Unifying
The capabilities you can gain through BPM will flow through related activities within your organisation, unifying multi-disciplinary teams to magnify the quality and value of project outcomes.  From purchasing departments to manufacturing and maintenance, through sales and marketing to after-sales service, every activity can inform a bigger success story. Systems can also be linked with those of external partners and the supply chain.

Key benefits of our BPM solutions include:

Streamlined electronic formats for more robust and traceable reporting and histories

Automated steps for each process or workflows that integrate with other applications

Dynamic management information, understand the current status of drawings, documents and reports when needed

Optimise resource deployment, measure the resources utilised (time and cost)

Reduce errors, process integrity and controlled access to virtually eliminate the possibility of errors

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