Quality, Consistency & Control

Ensuring high-quality engineering from a diverse supply chain where standards are paramount

The demands that energy companies face, downstream and upstream, are unlike those in any other sector. The often-hostile environment where raw materials are sourced – combined with the volatile nature of the materials themselves – places responsibility on organisations to ensure that the highest-quality engineering practices prevail, and compliance to statutory HS&E regulations is universally observed.

The best-practice approach
Rigorous control procedures for drawings and documents are essential; including real-time status visibility of work-in-progress documentation against agreed plans. At the equipment level, track and traceability, impact analysis and configuration management apply to every component, due to the safety implications of component failure.

Deploying a Design Change Management solution will enable you to address and simplify data management, delivering the essential visibility and transparency required at all points across the organisation; from frontline engineering through to back-office functions.

The benefits you will gain from day one of implementation

The ability to locate the latest relevant documentation in seconds, saving time and speeding up reaction times

The visibility to conduct impact analyses on proposed changes to ascertain where further development may be required

The integration and control to reduce data complexity and more confidently inform decisions and improve outcomes.

How D2M3 enables you to meet the challenges
Our consultants will evaluate your existing workflows to pinpoint areas of improvement, increasing collaboration within a secure environment, reducing wastage and errors, and gaining maximum operational value followed through with full audit and control capabilities.

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