Industrial & Manufacturing

Driving the competitive advantage

Driving costs down, accelerating time to market, and increasing margins without sacrificing quality

Extensive challenges face industry and manufacturing organisations as the pace of development gets ever faster, supply chains extend globally, and costs head up the agenda for driving the competitive advantage.

With the requirements also to go to market with pricing structures that appeal to customers, maintain or improve quality, and reduce time to market, margins are squeezed. Operational efficiencies are core and central to continued success.

The best-practice approach
The routes open to you to meet the multiplicity of challenges are themselves many and varied; choice, about what best to do next, can be complex.
Deploying a Design Change Management solution will enable you to gain greater transparency across your organisation, and supply chain, to build on your success to date to feed growth and success in the future.

The benefits you will gain from day one of implementation

Full audit and change control function

Impact analysis on any proposed changes and modifications to reduce risk and wasted investment of time and money

Reducing data complexity to inform decisions and improve outcomes.

How D2M3 enables you to meet the challenges
Our consultants will evaluate your existing workflows to pinpoint areas of improvement, such as reuse and re-purposing of designs to save development time, reducing wastage and errors, and gaining maximum operational value through collaboration within a secure environment.

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