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d2m3 & Cadassist join forces with Symetri

Addnode Group, Europe‚Äôs leading provider of software and services for design and engineering activities, announced today that they have acquired d2m3 Ltd and Cadassist Ltd with combined net sales in excess of £9million.

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Implementing management software (TDM, PDM, PLM)
to secure tangible business benefits

Change is the one constant you can depend on in business today, nothing can be taken for granted. Yet leveraging new opportunities, new markets, new product variants will require responsive infrastructure and systems.

Integration of data and processes is key to support your enterprise wide team along with external partners and the supply chain. New design iterations generates vast volumes of information, drawings, documents, schedules and data.

How these files and data are controlled through the overall product or project lifecycle will have a substantial impact on operational effectiveness and ultimately determine commercial success or failure. This key information requires comprehensive management reflecting its importance without barriers to access or doubt as to its status and accuracy.

We have been working with clients for over 25 years helping them reduce inefficiencies and realise tangible gains in productivity across the organization. We are excited about helping you make the most of your key investment in software to support your company's growth.

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