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Lascom PLM delivers ground-breaking technology that enables your design and related data to drive your key processes. The goal as always is to deliver more, using fewer resources. How can you achieve this? The answer is technology focused on the design function that increases efficiencies within your existing product or project development processes.

Customers who have deployed Lascom PLM have realized the following key benefits to their business:

  • Accelerated new product development cycles
  • Faster processing of change order requests
  • Rapid response to technical queries
  • Increased productivity by reducing manual data entry and data errors
  • Lower costs through reuse of designs and common parts
  • Impact and risk analysis on design changes
  • Rapid audit and traceability
  • Enterprise-wide access to one version of product data
  • Greater overall project and product portfolio visibility

In today's design environment, collaborative working is the norm which means numerous engineers or designers working on different drawings, documents or data producing multiple revisions creating a complex working environment. Ensuring that everyone is working from the latest design data is crucial to avoid wasted time and energy as a result of inadequate collaboration and co-ordination.

Lascom PLM manages each drawing, document or data entity, including the related process so the dispersed team, wherever it is located, can be certain they are always dealing with the most up-to-date data. A full audit trail is automatically created for every product, assembly, part and drawing should you need to review the changes or integrated processes. Lascom PLM goes beyond the typical Product Data Management system with automated processes helping to boost productivity, reducing costs and shortening development cycles.

The core capability of Lascom PLM is the management of both complex processes and associated data. Lascom PLM's configuration management capabilities enable the description of complex data structures that represent a project or a product along with specific features that allow flexibility in implementation and evolution as needs change.

Unique features include:

  • A meta dictionary that can be very easily customized and modified
  • Flexible and unlimited number and type of links between objects
  • A system of views that represent different facets of information
  • Impact analysis on potential or proposed design changes

To find out more, download the Esiora-Web brochure (.pdf)

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