Technical Document Management (TDM)

Product Data Management (PDM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Autodesk Vault Family

Facing these issues?

  • Too much time is spent searching for design data.
  • Good designs are being unintentionally overwritten.
  • Existing product designs cannot be reused to shorten project times.
  • It is difficult to enable team-based design across multiple teams.
  • Design and manufacturing are unable to easily share design data.
  • Processes for revision and release control are manual and error-prone.
  • It is difficult to assess the impact of proposed changes across different product designs.
  • Design teams are unable to track who, when, or why design changes are made.
  • High-end product lifecycle management systems are too complicated and expensive.

Autodesk® Vault® software securely stores and manages engineering design data and related documents, and serves as the pipeline between different workgroups in the Digital Prototyping workflow.

The Autodesk Vault family of product data management (PDM) applications provides a modular and practical approach to controlling design data and maximizing its value. Whether your business demands standard, ready-to-use applications or a custom configured implementation, a Productstream offering is right for you. Productstream users have consistently shortened product development cycles and improved their manufacturing processes—all while minimizing the complications and expense traditionally associated with other PDM systems. Productstream provides the tools to help users track and control design data, and complete projects on time and on budget. The result: fewer design iterations, increased design reuse, and improved collaboration.

Organize Design Data for Better Reuse

Maximize the return on your company's investment in design data by driving design reuse with Productstream, which delivers tools for selective copying of design data to help shorten product development time and avoid rework. By centralizing the storage of all design data and related documents, users can better organize information and reduce the time needed to find, reference, and reuse design data. And, as product designs evolve and become more complicated, Productstream protects designers and engineers from unintentional overwriting of good designs.

Automate and Manage Product Release and Change

A major factor in getting products to market faster is maintaining control of design data throughout the product lifecycle. Obstacles to maintaining control typically include manual processes for release and bill of materials management, which are slow and error-prone—ultimately leading to design project delays and shop-floor errors. With Productstream, users can automate change and release processes and more accurately convey design intent. Productstream automates notification—helping to reduce development cycle times and improve the communication of critical digital knowledge.

Increase Sharing and Collaboration

Keep designs digital to give everyone access to the most up-to-date information. Autodesk Productstream is the digital pipeline that connects engineering workgroups and departments—enabling users to review, edit, and approve designs before releasing them to manufacturing. From the automation and capture of design reviews to the distribution and synchronization of design data to remote groups, the Productstream family of applications facilitates better collaboration between designers, design workgroups, manufacturers, and suppliers. By using DWF™ technology and Autodesk® Design Review software, Productstream gives team members access to the latest designs and makes it possible to capture feedback from tooling, assembly, or fabrication much earlier—helping to prevent costly errors later in the process. In addition, Productstream helps users extend the value of their digital prototypes by enabling design data and information to be shared with other team members and business systems throughout the enterprise. Productstream provides the capabilities to securely share designs down the hall or around the world. With the efficient sharing of designs comes the ability to track when, why, and by whom design changes are made in the collaboration process. With Productstream, users create an electronic audit trail that notifies decision makers, captures markups, tracks the approval flow, and maintains a complete history of design revisions.

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