Technical Document Management (TDM)

Product Data Management (PDM)

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Project Information Management (PIM)

Project Information Management is specifically focused on managing the large volumes of information that is generated by a specific project. Any project will involve huge volumes of drawings, documents, and e-mails with multiple versions arising throughout the lifecycle of the project. Effectively managing project documentation has commercial and contractual implications.

During the project and following completion, easy access to drawings, documents, spreadsheets, certificates and emails represents a substantial asset, a key component in any Project Information Management solution.

Typically less formal Project Information Management solutions such as intranets and extranets are used. Whilst they are functional, they typically suffer from issues such as:

  • No drawing or document file metadata making searching an onerous task
  • Lost files or inaccurate filing, making it difficult to find drawings, documents and contracts
  • Doubt as to which version represents the final document or which was the pertinent revision relative to the specific enquiry
  • No audit trail of the drawing or document changes and to whom they were distributed to
  • Omission of security and access controls
  • Individuals not following standard procedures when archiving project documentation

Formal Project Information Management solutions provide a secure environment for all project communication. This ensures that all drawings, documents and correspondence can easily be accessed with a comprehensive audit trail. This allows organisations to create management reports, manage risk and make decisions more quickly and effectively.

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