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Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry is an extremely challenging sector. How do you reduce time to market for new product introductions and increase productivity in R & D whilst minimising costs and increasing margins. Maintaining brand loyalty is a priority.

Product innovation is vital to increase revenues and market share. Product adolescence is occurring earlier as intense competition and market demand can dramatically shorten the market opportunity. Increased sophistication, fashion trends and legislation combine to add pressure for increased product derivatives and/or early retirement. Flexibility and collaborative working with customers and the supply chain are paramount.

Deploying a Design Change Management solution enables greater control in executing product design and development.

Advantages include:

  • Reuse of existing designs
  • Increased collaboration within a secure environment
  • Reduce time to market through process automation
  • Greater transparency within the organisation and supply chain
  • Full audit and change control
  • Impact analysis on proposed changes

At d2m3, our consultants analyse your requirements and recommend a solution that will ensure your business runs more effectively following implementation.

Some of the key considerations we take in to account when recommending a solution include:

  • Data complexity
  • Types of data and their relationships
  • Integration into existing systems and processes
  • Security and access permissions
  • Maintenance, training and support requirements
  • Further downstream enhancements

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