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Architecture Engineering & Construction (AEC)

The challenges facing the AEC sector require a different way of working. No other industry is so heavily reliant on a complex network of designers, consultants, project managers, contractors and sub-contractors brought together in a temporary organisation for the term of the project. The requirement is that all parties work together in an integrated manner to deliver the project to meet cost, time and quality expectations. Normally, little regard is given to the effective management of the documentation over the lifecycle of the building, following handover to the client.

Co-ordination of the work of all parties and the plethora of drawings documents, email, contracts, and specifications against challenging timescales is an onerous task. Measurable productivity gains will be delivered by standardising the way files are stored, automating file creation and providing electronic workflow, process and reporting utilities.

Deploying a Design Change Management solution will enable you to address the hour by hour, minute by minute drawing, document and email management and control challenges.

System characteristics should include:

  • Standardising the layout, format and presentation of project folder structures covering all file types
  • Creating new drawings, documents, forms etc. in a standardised manner, automatically referenced and saved in the correct location
  • Controlled access permissions to files to allow viewing, editing or creation
  • Managing CAD and related external references including file metadata, drawing title and numbering
  • Collaboration tools to launch workflows to distribute all file types to internal or external parties
  • Quality audit tools to quickly discover which files were changed by whom, when and why

At d2m3, our consultants analyse your requirements and recommend a solution that will ensure your business runs more effectively from day one of implementation. Some of the key considerations we take in to account when recommending a solution include:

  • Types of files, metadata and their relationships
  • Multi office, workgroup or project team deployment
  • Opportunities for workflow & process automation
  • Integration into existing systems and processes
  • Security
  • Training, support and maintenance requirements
  • Return on investments guidelines

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